The Consumer Disputes Committee adjucates disputes, occurring after the 11 January 2016, between a consumer and a member of the Swedish Bar Association or a law firm regarding a service which the member or law firm provided to the consumer.

With consumer means any natural person who is acting outside of the scope of his or her own commercial or professional activities. An estate is a legal entity and cannot bring a dispute before the Committee.

According to Section 61 of the Charter of the Swedish Bar Association the Consumer Disputes Committee shall not adjudicate a matter where:

  • the consumer has not attempted to reach a solution by mutual agreement with the member;
  • the value of the claim is less than SEK 1,000;
  • the value of the claim exceeds SEK 200,000;
  • the matter is received more than one year after the consumer presented the complaint to the member, unless exceptional reasons exist;
  • the matter is commenced frivolously or is unfounded;
  • the supplementation requested by the Committee is not received from the consumer;
  • the evidence is insufficient and the insufficiency cannot be cured;
  • in light of the Committee’s work procedures, the matter is not suitable for adjudication by the Committee or would seriously impede the efficient functioning of the Committee; or
  • the matter being administered or has been adjudicated by a court.

Contact details to the Committee
Webb address:
Postal address: Konsumenttvistnämnden, Sveriges Advokatsamfund, Box 27321, 102 54 Stockholm, Sweden